The Language of Lying

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Here are a few tell-tale signs to help you recognize tall tales!

One of the most effective ways to determine whether or not someone’s lying is to examine their body language and speech patterns. Here are a few tips that’ll help turn you into a human lie detector machine:

Um, Err

Liars often mispronounce words, stutter or sniff due to nervous tension.

Tick Tock

Deceptive answers usually take longer to formulate than truthful ones.

Cover Up

Covering the mouth and rubbing the nose and eyes can indicate untruthfulness.


Liars welcome a change in conversation resulting in their body language becoming more relaxed.

Fade Away

Their body will start to scrunch up as if they’re trying to fade away and any movement will be stiff and limited.

Pick Pocket

Showing palms is a sign of honesty so people who are fibbing will often put their hands in their pockets and fidget.

Look at Me

Liars usually avoid eye contact while seasoned pros will overcompensate and maintain deliberate eye contact.

Detecting deceit isn’t always easy as some people are better liars than others. Asking questions can help determine whether or not someone’s lying as it’s difficult to fabricate specific details on the spot. A single tell may mean nothing but when combined together, chances are they’re hiding something.

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